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Indoor Riding Arenas

Ecoraster is elastic and durable, creating an indoor riding surface that is comfortable and safe. Ecoraster’s grid design also reduces indoor dust and debris helping to make indoor arenas more safe and comfortable for horses and riders alike.

Outdoor Riding Arenas

Not only is Ecoraster easy on joints and tendons, it’s a permeable solution that allows water to drain freely into the ground. With water pooling and mud eliminated, riders can enjoy a longer, dryer riding season.
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Walking Circles

Ground reinforcement is a true benefit of Ecoraster. It can withstand heavy loads with high traffic, and keep ground conditions stable and dry. Ecoraster also eliminates rutting caused by repetitive foot traffic.


Feeding Areas

Feeding areas can fill with mud creating health issues and costly maintenance. Ecoraster becomes a barrier between the ground and hooves to keep feeding areas dry, eliminate wasted hay, and reduce mud-born disease.


As main access points gates often become trampled and muddy. Using Ecoraster in these key areas helps firm up the ground, eliminates mud, and improves through-traffic conditions.


Exercising horses can come at the expense of wear and tear to the paddocks themselves. Ecoraster creates a comfortable riding surface and a cleaner one with significant cost savings in ongoing maintenance.

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100% recycled plastic, a durable & eco-friendly solution
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